Our Services

What is your challenge?

We can help you tackle your challenge in a relevant manner, build innovation-ready teams, and create an innovation-aware organization

Product and service innovation

Define your innovation strategy with validated opportunity areas

Define and pilot relevant new products & services

Define new go-to Market Strategies

User Experience Design

Optimize your customer experience across all channels

Define more customer focused sales approaches

Employee Experience Design

Optimize your employee experience from hiring to firing

Attract and onboard new generation talent

Brand Innovation

Be relevant to new generations of customers and employees

Incorporate CSR into your brand

Implement your brand and bring your brand to life

Buildting Innovative Teams

Design and implement your innovation processes

Improve your organizational model bottom-up

So where to start?

Let’s connect and discover how to tackle your challenge! Together we will set the scope and exact challenge, define the team required on your side, map key stakeholders to manage and plan our Design Sprints and in between validation cycles. We will set up an experienced team on our side with the domain expertise required to work from Research to Pilot, which is usually a first pilot implementation.

A Design Sprint Approach


Minimize impact on the organization

We understand it is often not feasible to remove all people that should contribute from their current jobs completely.

Build team spirit and create focus

Our high-energy Design Sprints always come with team building elements and a great sense of purpose and focus, such that a big step forward can be made in a relatively short time. The results are validated inbetween the sprints, which is input for the next Design Sprint to make a next big step.

Learn by doing

Design Sprints are a great way to have the team experience cross-functional collaboration in a people focused innovation approach.

Manage key stakeholders

We also use the Design Sprints to present and pitch the results to key stakeholders. In this way keep the positive energy and involvement up, such that the organization becomes more innovation savvy.

We’ve worked with many companies and organizations in this way.