Our Approach

We do Design Thinking

In our ever faster changing world, organizations need to be more responsive and relevant to survive. As your partner in innovation we therefore help you put people at the heart of what you do and be more innovation-ready, such that you can be more adaptive, and build strategies and solutions that are truly relevant to your customers and employees.

So, how might we help you today?

We work with you, not for you.

Don’t expect lengthy reports of slide decks. Instead, through our high-energy Design Sprint approach, we build valuable & viable solutions, strong & motivated teams, and organizational bridges.

Realize Relevant Solutions

Together, we work from deep customer insights to solutions that are validated with customers, employees, and key stakeholders.

Develop Innovation Capabilities

We build motivated teams and guide them through the Design Thinking innovation process, such that they have hands-on experience.

Spark a Collaborative Learning Culture

We engage key internal stakeholders and raise organizational awareness to support the innovation process, continuous learning, and successful implementation.

A Design Thinking approach

Design thinking is a widely recognised framework to development innovative and relevant solutions for complex challenges. It is a hands-on method and mindset with emphasis on teamwork and iterative learning through continuous end-user and stakeholder involvement. It stimulates teams to ask the right questions to uncover underlying needs of end-users and stakeholders and it stimulates creativity to realize products, services and experiences that are truly relevant for them.

We do this by bringing the different required disciplines together in a collaborative and creative team spirit, work with that team in a series of high-energy and inspiring design sprints alternated with end-customer (or end-user) and stakeholder validation, and help the team involve and manage internal stakeholders.

In this way we help you to be more Responsive, Relevant, and Innovation-Ready.


More Responsive

Our Design Sprint Approach helps you learn and move forward with strong end-user focus. Cross-functional Collaboration throughout the process assures swift progress and successful implementation. Our Seasoned Consultants have ample C-level experience to manage internal stakeholders.

More Relevant

Our People-Focused approach helps you deeply understand your end-users. We continuously validate with end-users (and relevant stakeholders) to check if we are on the right track. Our Global Network has ample domain experts to assure you have the best team with the right experience, opening doors to new options to arrive at the best possible solutions.

Innovation Ready

We work with you in a Design Sprint Approach with Cross-functional Collaboration throughout the process, such that you develop your own innovation capabilities.

Not Only for Designers

Design Thinking roots from the way of working of product designers. Product, Service & Experience Design are all characterized by a strong people focus. Specifically the customer or end-user for whom the product or service is designed, but it also relies heavilty on intense collaboration with other functions across an organization to realize the product or service.

This requires a high level of empathy and creativity, as well as the preference to validate and test ideas quickly. In Design Thinking we are therefore not averse or avoidant of mistakes, but rather test and correct our assumptions early on to learn continuously to minimize impact and cost of learning.

It is these principles and mindsets of Design Thinking that have value well beyond product design. The right attitude and a strong trust in the process can help you reap the most benefits out of a Design Thinking approach. With the appropriate training, tools, coaching, and especially practice, every team and organization can adopt this people-focused, creative & action-oriented way of working.

Design Thinking has proven its value for the development of successful innovative products and services, whether it is for your customers or your employees.