About us

Hi! We are Design Thinkers. Innovating for a better world.

Create something that is better than before, or do something better than before. We always do this with people at the centre. This way, we aspire to contribute to a better society in which we are more responsive and relevant to each other.

Focused on people

We just love people. That’s why we keep people at the heart of everything we do.

Enabling Diversity

We believe in the power of plurality. That’s why we bring people together in diverse teams, and unlock their full potential.

Positive in life

To us, there is always something new to learn or experience. That’s why we keep an open mind and are always ready to try something new.

Young at Heart

We take what we do very seriously, but we have never let go of our inner child. That’s why we always strive for a balance between intuition & fact, and between focus & fun.

Bold in Action

We believe it’s more important to validate ideas than perfecting them first. That’s why we put in as much effort to take actions as we think about them,  to learn quickly and get to valuable outcomes fast.


We are a Global Network Organization

We are active in more than 25 countries with a network of more than 150 professionals from different industries and domains. This allows us to work with you wherever you are and gives us the flexibility to compose the best possible team for you and your innovation challenge.