Customer 360

Do you recognize this?

Our customer focus has been a key ingredient of our business success. Therefore we strive to continuously improve the way we work with our customers, but we struggle to increase our added-value beyond our ‘business as usual’ and make them more successful in general. We know it means we need to elevate our customer relationship to a true partnership level, but it is not evident where to start to truly make a sustainable difference and elevate our customer-facing processes to a partnership level.

How might we elevate our relationships with our key customers to a partnership level where we add value by making them more successful?

So, where to start?

Even if you only partly recognize it, there is something you can do.

Let’s discover how you can work better with your customers and make them more successful and happy, today. In order to learn which opportunities are worth pursuing, or to find low hanging fruit to start improving straight away, our Design Thinking based Customer 360 approach can set you on the right track. In short cycle Co-creation Sprints, you can identify key customer challenges related to their strategy and goals and discover what drives, delights or frustrates your customers. This is the start of support initiatives and propositions for your customers grounded in reality, and a solid base for building true partner relationships.

Sounds good?

We can help you get going

To assure successful outcome and implementation we will:

  • refine the process together with you, identify a first trial customer and make sure we have the right team, with the right stakeholder support on your side
  • set up an experienced team on our side with the right domain knowledge
  • guide you, your team and the customer through the Customer 360 process from Discovery to a Customer Point of View as part of the Account plan, and after that towards implementation
  • work with you in a series of inspiring high-energy Co-creation Sprints to make quick progress across different functions with strong customer collaboration, alternated with validation of the Sprint results
  • support you to manage internal and customer key stakeholders to successfully implement the results.

The Customer 360 approach

Our approach is inspired by Design Thinking and helps you to elevate your customer relationships to a long-term partnership level, build deeper customer insight, enable Customer Value within and beyond ‘business as usual’ and increase customer satisfaction, loyalty & share of wallet

We do this through facilitated collaborative development of strategic account plans from the Customer Point of View, covering business as usual as well as adjacent opportunities.

A co-creation Sprint Approach


Minimize impact on the organization

We understand it is often not feasible to remove all people that should contribute from their current jobs completely.

Build team spirit and create focus

Our high-energy Design Sprints always come with team building elements and a great sense of purpose and focus, such that a big step forward can be made in a relatively short time. The results are validated inbetween the sprints, which is input for the next Design Sprint to make a next big step.

Learn by doing

Design Sprints are a great way to have the team experience cross-functional collaboration in a people focused innovation approach.

Manage key stakeholders

We also use the Design Sprints to present and pitch the results to key stakeholders. In this way keep the positive energy and involvement up, such that the organization becomes more innovation savvy.