Creating something better than before with people at the center is important for us. In DT for good projects we will use a systemic approach that explicitly also explores environmental impact and social impact of services and business models.

Facilitate Explorative Collaborations

Develop and practice skills to facilitate new unexpected collaborations.

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Business Model Transformation

Integrate ESG policies in your operating model in a sustainable way through application of human centered agile mtehodolgies.

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Purpose Lab

Foster purpose driven motivated employees. Exposing employees to new value systems and new ways of working through social impact project work.

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Discovery Lab

Discover new Opportunity Spaces following the SDG goals. Develop products and services incorporating new value systems.

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Case Study
How can we improve the communities of Rotterdam and Butuan with human-centered design?

Capability building | 500+ people reached | The Philippines and the Netherlands

Every year, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charitable arm of Bloomberg Corporation, organizes the Global Mayor Challenge. In this competition, city authorities around the world must come up with a sustainable solution to improve a dire issue in their current jurisdiction. As Design Thinking consultants, we helped the governments of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Butuan, the Philippines with injecting human-centered thinking into their final products.
Through extensive collaboration and the teams’ incredible grit, we managed to cross the finish line together: Rotterdam and Butuan were honored as winners of the Global Mayor’s Challenge 2021. Each city received $1M each in funding to further develop their ideas into viable, sustainable solutions.