Innovation Strategy

Service Strategy & Innovation

Do you recognize this?

We’ve been doing quite well over the last years, but despite our efforts we seem to loose traction in the market and business is slowing down which is hampering our growth ambitions. It is time to rethink our portfolio and find new opportunities for growth. We’re sure there are many such opportunities, but we’re not sure where to start to find opportunities that would truly add value.

How might we innovate our product portfolio with truly valuable solutions that will revive our growth?

So where to start?

Even if you only partly recognize it, there is something you can do. Let’s discover how you can make your customers happy, today. In order to learn which opportunities are worth pursuing, or to find low-hanging fruit to start improving straight away, a Design Thinking approach to redefine your Portfolio and improve your Services can set you on the right track. Together we can identify key segments of customers and build deep insight in what drives, delights or frustrated these customers. Combined with trend research and scenario mapping, these customer insights are he basis for validated opportunities grounded in reality.


Sounds good?


Together we can get going

We offer the most impactful and sustainable way to identify opportunities and define your innovation strategy such that you are lined up for renewed growth.

That’s because we approach your innovation strategy from multiple angles. Together we


collect available data and combine this with qualitative customer research to define key market segments and key customer insights within these market segments

prioritize customer insights based on customer validation and segment size estimates

combine prioritized customer insights and segments with trend research and competitor benchmarking to map different future scenarios


This way we can define an innovation strategy the unlocks new potential based deep market and customer insight.

Stepping stones for Innovation

We are the only agency that combines design thinking experts with seasoned innovation and strategic product management experts to realize impactful innovation strategies, elevate your team’s capabilities and create a customer focused agile innovation culture. We work with you in high-energy sprints alternated with research & validation work (content), extended with training and coaching optimized for your organization (capability & culture).


Together we define a customized route of these content and capability services to ensure an approach that meets your unique needs and unlocks your organization’s potential.