Purpose Lab

Do you recognize this?

Your personnel—especially young recruits—express a high need for meaningful work.

Your main business still is not there. It needs time. Therefore, you allocate time and space for employees to experiment and work on meaningful projects besides their regular work. Herewith you develop the awareness, potential and capabilities for sustainable change within the company.


How might we help employees explore and define their purpose, how it relates to the corporate purpose and thereby empower them to develop meaningful projects and ways of working?

So where to start?

The first step is to help employees discover and express their purpose on a individual level. The second step is to match and possibly align individual purpose with the business’ purpose. Third step is to explore what can be started and done to improve the organization’s ESG. Projects are brought into reality through design sprints.

The course runs over a 6 months period with every month a condense 2 days of action learning.

We can help you get going

We will help your employees get clarity about their purpose, the role they want to play in the world and the impact they would like to generate. Once they discovered their purpose, we analyze together how to find common ground between their purpose with that of the organization.

Optional: and work on an impactful purpose-driven/ESG-related project within the organization.

Clarity on mission and purpose

Engaging in our leadership lab will give your employees clarity on their personal mission and purpose. It will boost their motivation to take action from an understanding of their potential impact.

Build team spirit and create focus

Our high-energy Design Sprints always come with team building elements and a great sense of purpose and focus, so that big advancements can be made in a relatively short time. The results are validated in between sprints and serve as input for the next Design Sprint to make the next big step.

Learning by doing

Design Sprints are a great way to have the team experience cross-functional collaboration in a people-focused innovation approach.

Deliver concrete and validated outcomes

Together with your team, we will define clear and concrete objectives, outcomes and validated service concepts.


Case Study
How can we improve the communities of Rotterdam and Butuan with human-centered design?

Bloomberg case logo

Capability building | 500+ people reached | The Philippines and the Netherlands

Every year, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charitable arm of Bloomberg Corporation, organizes the Global Mayor Challenge. In this competition, city authorities around the world must come up with a sustainable solution to improve a dire issue in their current jurisdiction. As Design Thinking consultants, we helped the governments of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Butuan, the Philippines with injecting human-centered thinking into their final products. Read on to learn more about applying Design Thinking in NGOs.
Through extensive collaboration and the teams’ incredible grit, we managed to cross the finish line together: Rotterdam and Butuan were honored as winners of the Global Mayor’s Challenge 2021. Each city received $1M each in funding to further develop their ideas into viable, sustainable solutions.