Employee Experience

Employee Experience


How might we help our employees to feel safe and inspired to continuously learn and thrive in a complex and quickly changing environment?

Organizations nowadays operate in a complex and quickly changing environment. To operate successfully in that context, people in organizations need inspiring, purposeful and human environments to thrive and collaborate. Leadership in collaboration with Human Resources (HR) departments often collaborate to provide these environments. It proofs to be difficult to meet the expectations of employees in different parts of their professional journey (exploring job opportunities, getting a job, onboarding…). With traditional approaches there is a lack in exploring needs and emotions. With our approach, the needs and ambitions of employees are central to the design of new services and their implementation.


People working in organizations lack a feeling of purpose, are continuously busy, stressed and uninspired. This prevents people in their learning process

and as a result being less productive in delivering services to colleagues, business partners and customers.


Combining Design Thinking and Agile HR approaches DT Agency is applying relevant modern HR expertise as well as innovative Human Centered and Agile ways of working. An important starting point of course is to explore and understand different kinds of employees with their different needs and challenges. Based on this data and further structuring of the data using Employee Journey Mapping activities moments of truth are detected. HR trends and project specific ideas are mapped on the challenges.

DT Agency facilitates the diverse team of stakeholders to come up with a ‘shitty first draft’ as a solution to the problem. From this moment specific Agile mechanics are used to run a number of experiments until the service is ready to be used by the specific (personas) employees. In a ‘learning by doing’ way of working together with the client we integrate this new way of working in the current environment for developing these services.



The outcomes very much depending on the focus for typical personas and stages in the employee journey (eg onboarding). Important is to define different KPIs for different moments in the project.

Typical outcomes can be:
–  % increase in employee happiness
– % decrease in number of sick days
– % decrease in employee turnover


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