Did you breathe a sigh of relief as we waved goodbye to the year 2020? Whichever way you look at it, it was a memorable year. A year of peculiar surprises, challenges but also opportunities. What did you learn in the year 2020 and how do we proceed from here? COVID-19 brought staggering effects on every sphere of life: economies, healthcare, social spheres and many more.

A lot we can say has been lost in this time but also immense, are what can be gained in recovery as it said that chaos breeds opportunity. Going forward, we have to live above excuse, we have to challenge the status quo because in the rubbles of uncertainties and hopelessness lies the golden opportunity to make a difference and better our lots. We can achieve this through purposeful living that elevates empathy and human togetherness beyond mediocre level.

During the heat of COVID-19 pandemic we embarked on a survey themed : ‘stronger together’. The purpose of the survey is to understand people’s experiences and the impact of COVID on the individual, businesses and society as a whole. In this survey result, we discovered that people thrive better through a sense of community, and business fairs better when empathy is at the core of their value proposition. I am glad to share with you the result of our survey and I do hope it will give you insight as you strategize for 2021