Innovation strategy

Execute your Innovation Strategy


In this complex and dynamic world, it is key for organizations to foster and develop their teams capabilities and skills to be able to continuously focus on innovating products and services.


Your innovation strategy and vision have been defined. The implementation of the innovation strategy is strained because departments are struggling to align their efforts towards the central innovation vision. Now it’s time for the next step.


Deploying a new innovation strategy means leading change and enabling people to adapt to a new way of working towards meaningful outcomes. In collaboration with your team members we design and deploy the most suitable innovation framework to create buy-in from day one. We believe in creating a safe space for people to master this new way of working. Therefore, at the start of our engagement we will be in the lead, gradually handing over the responsibilities back to the team.

Innovation Scan
What do you already have in place? What are the blind spots?

Accelerator Set-up
Governance, physical place, common language

Coaching Teams and Leadership
Culture, environment and skills


The ultimate goal is to establish a sustainable eco-system for you and your team, enabling you to efficiently drive innovation. Team members will understand their personal roles and responsibilities and are able to execute upon them.

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Embrace the co-creative mindset in an iterative manner, to prototype and test solutions that delight the customer.

Foster a human centered organization that serves the needs of your customers or employees, through solutions that are inspired by their experience.

Lead transformative processes focusing on customers and employees, in order to guide the organization towards a human centered future.