Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation


How might we help your organization to be on top of digital developments?

Bringing digital technology together with customer centricity opens up endless possibilities for your organization to stay ahead of the game. Harvard Business Review (March 2019) claims that 70% of all Digital Transformation initiatives do not reach their goals. Most projects of any sort don’t reach their goals, but digital transformation is even more challenging because of the heavy non-digital legacy in most companies.


“Digital” is all about trends – deep personalization, mobile first, seamless interactions, immediacy – and these trends are here to stay. Giants with deep pockets like Amazon, Facebook and Google have consolidated them and clients expect the same services from all organizations. But not every company has a legacy to fit these needs. Your legacy is a company designed before the Digital age, most likely with a rigid IT landscape,

a classic organizational structure, processes designed for strong control and not for growth or change. If only you had a blank slate and deep pockets… but reality says you need a way to transition between your legacy and a digital future. Your legacy also contains gold nuggets – a customer base, a brand with recognition, an abundance of client touchpoints and client data, and so on. How do we help transform your organization into the digital age?


Be curious. We will work together with you and your clients to help figure out client expectations, client needs, current pain points and interesting opportunities. We bring the methods and the experience, you bring your industry knowledge from your team. You know already about Customer Journeys, Personas and Stakeholder Map, and we empower you and your team to embed this design driven approach to innovation.

Dare to fail. Opportunities are out there, many more than you will have time to explore and invest on. We will help you choose the most promising ones, running deep and quick market tests to gather information on how to proceed with investments. Some concepts will fail and have to be redesigned. The trick with innovation is to fail so quickly that hardly anyone will notice it, learn from it and move on improving your concepts.

Drive change. Your legacy will sink you, so you will need to do things out of the standard corporate rules. We will help you to fly low in the beginning and break away from as much of the negative legacy as possible. We will help involve the right stakeholders to create buy-in within the organization – research and early market tests will help to pave the way. We will co-create a change plan for Digital Transformation with a clear vision of what can be changed, with whom, and with what expected impacts.

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True innovation has only one trustable business case – the market out there. The sooner we help you and your team to reach the market the better. Once the early results are promising there is only one way to go – aim higher! It sounds easy, but learning how to scale up your innovation is a critical part of the process. Measuring different KPIs at different

moments in the project is key to help you break down the future timeline into realistic milestones. Aiming for higher customer satisfaction, higher sales, faster service or higher market penetration does not necessarily come at the same time. What really matters and never changes is the imperative of keeping the client at the centre of what you do.

“We will be working side-by-side on solutions and follow a truly tailor-made approach.”

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Embrace the co-creative mindset in an iterative manner, to prototype and test solutions that delight the customer.

Foster a human centered organization that serves the needs of your customers or employees, through solutions that are inspired by their experience.

Lead transformative processes focussing on customers and employees, in order to guide the organization towards a human centered future.