Design Sprint Solutions

Develop and deliver validated solutions fast


Almost overnight our reality has changed and we need to adapt fast. Whilst reinventing our way of working remotely, we need get re-invented business processes and models out at speed. Working and delivering online requires clear communication, game rules and professional facilitation on a process and content level.  

Our highly experienced facilitators and coaches will guide you and your team through the innovation process via online team sessions, enabling you to develop and deliver validated solutions fast.


Your business and it’s underlying processes have been disrupted and you want to continue delivering value, or even use this unexpected opportunity to come out stronger.


Following our proven approach we will host highly interactive online sessions that enable your team to get to work whilst being coached on the job by our experts. With a combination of Design Thinking, Agile and Lean methodologies, your team will develop the human-centered mindset in designing new services for your end-user.

Our expert coaches and facilitators from all corners of the globe have years of experience in setting teams up for successful innovation. Combining their business experience with high level classroom facilitation skills, they know what teams need and use to deliver results in the complex organizational environments.


After a 3 week remote sprint you will have a validated solution with an implementation plan to start delivering new business models or processes. Next to this, you will learn the tricks of human-centered innovation along the way:

Learn to empathize with your customers to improve your proposition and strategy;
Develop your creative problem solving skills and mindset for innovation;
Increase your confidence for remote & multi-disciplinary collaboration.

“One of the best training I’ve attended. Insightful and fun. Full of activities, makes you think outside the box and unlock your creative confidence.”


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Deliver excellence for your customer and organization by continuously raising the bar of the services’ quality.

Go out and explore the experiences of your customers and employees, to deliver no cookie cutter solutions, but truly tailor made to your users.

Lead transformative processes focussing on customers and employees, in order to guide the organization towards a human centered future.