Open Lab




We continuously ask ourselves  “How might we utilize Human-Centred Design to solve Africa’s  toughest problems.

Our Design Process

We follow best practices to identify the most important social  problems surrounding education, employability and social justice.

1. Identifying Challenges

  • Our trained  researchers come up  with key issues that are  worth solving

2. Seeking collaboration

  • We employ stakeholders  to collaborate with us by  providing the resources  needed

3. Implementing

  • Fully equipped, we map  out our area of focus  and implement our  design challenge


It is corporate social responsibility for many  companies, for us, it is a good cause that we outlive us.  Do you want to be part of something good, then join  us on this journey. Every design challenge requires resources, people and  the commitment to make it work. There’s always  something you can give and somewhere your  organization can fit in. By sponsoring our projects, by  providing human resource and volunteers or by  becoming a long term partner with us

We also welcome collaborations that will allows us  commit to an non-profit project your organization  might want to implement through human-centred  design