Our Methodology (old version)

We co-create to innovate

How do we help you execute your innovation strategy?

All of our project outcomes are the result of a close collaboration. We take on the role of  process initiators, inspirators and facilitators. Our clients take on the role as content expert and project owner. With that we aim to create a repeatable process that enables your organization to deliver innovation in a sustainable way, after we step out.

We combine best practices of lean, agile, Design Thinking and scrum in our projects. Here’s how we do it:


Combining our innovation experts with client project owners in a multi-disciplinary team, will enable us to move forward rapidly. The project team clearly defines the scope of the project and makes explicit what outcomes are expected. In short iteration cycles our experts will

guide and support the project team in exploring the problem area. By using qualitative and quantitative research techniques, we finetune the outlines of our project scope. This will open the door to start the work on designing and testing potential solutions. 



Together with key stakeholders we will develop and test ideas that fit our purpose. The short iteration cycles will help us to quickly move from generating a range of ideas to carefully selecting and producing high quality concepts that can be validated. Step-by-step we will help you design an implementation plan to comfortably move towards large scale adoption. Now we will have established a problem/solution fit and are ready to implement.

“We use Design Thinking, Agile, Lean and Scrum to design and develop solutions.”


Going live! Onboarding, capability building and coaching to start scale your innovation efforts in a sustainable way. By now your team will be in front of the troops and our coaches are supporting them more from the side-lines with tips & tricks. 

As a result there will be an implemented innovation framework or a digital business that continues to deliver value and is closely monitored and updated over time. It is leading change!

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