Discovery Lab

Do you recognize this?

You and your team passionate about driving sustainable change forward in your organization and creating a positive impact. There are countless opportunities for this.

The key challenge for you then is to discover which of your team’s ideas make most sense to elaborate upon and which best align with your firm’s vision. There may even be ideas that you have not even thought of or considered yet.


How might we help you ideate on new sustainability projects, discovering untapped potential of your firm to create new value for your users while making a positive change along the way?

So where to start?

We take you and your team on a journey to jump-start the development of a new sustainable product or service. Have an idea but not sure how to get going or want to develop “something green” but no idea what that should look like? Our team will guide you in your exploration journey to discover which sustainability opportunities exist for your business to tap into to create value, which existing products or services can be further ideated on to generate sustainable value creation and how these develops will help your firm drive forward innovation, enhance your firm’s reputation and give you access to new markets.

We can help you get going

This interactive 2-day ideation workshop will guide you to unlock the sustainable potential of your organization. In a highly dynamic (sprint-like) setting, you will learn about tools and techniques to brainstorm and generate sustainable ideas, use Systemic Design Thinking to holistically understand your firm’s role in creating positive change, learn to “kill your darlings” and select the right ideas for your team to pursue.

Understanding Sustainability (Concepts)

Help your team understand that sustainability isn’t only a nice-to-have or a stakeholder demand, but a relevant business opportunity to create value for your company.


Generating Sustainable Ideas

Let’s match your company’s vision with the SDG’s and to see where you can create immediate value for your community/clients and which opportunities may even be new to you!


Systems Design Thinking for Sustainability



Identifying Opportunities for Value Creation

Using the DT way-of-working, we will guide your through your discovery session using our tools and methodology to generate ideas, evaluate them, and select the best one(s) for your team to further pursue.


Case Study
How can we improve the communities of Rotterdam and Butuan with human-centered design?

Bloomberg case logo

Capability building | 500+ people reached | The Philippines and the Netherlands

Every year, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charitable arm of Bloomberg Corporation, organizes the Global Mayor Challenge. In this competition, city authorities around the world must come up with a sustainable solution to improve a dire issue in their current jurisdiction. As Design Thinking consultants, we helped the governments of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Butuan, the Philippines with injecting human-centered thinking into their final products. Read on to learn more about applying Design Thinking in NGOs.
Through extensive collaboration and the teams’ incredible grit, we managed to cross the finish line together: Rotterdam and Butuan were honored as winners of the Global Mayor’s Challenge 2021. Each city received $1M each in funding to further develop their ideas into viable, sustainable solutions.